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INTERVIEW fresher than fresh snow cones...

What a week! Here is a little sneak peek into what I've been up to this so far this month. Busy, busy researching as usual for the tea party business and came across quite an inspiring lady. Lindsay Laricks is her name and snow cones are her game. Fresher Than Fresh snow cones to be exact! I won't ramble on too much about her, because you will quickly admire her and the lovely business venture she created all your own. I seem to be on a rampage lately with anything vintage, and renovated vintage trailersand streamers are no exception. I am finding cool bakeries left and right that are making use of retro shasta trailers as their 'storefront'. Tell me its not an uber awesome idea! I hope Grace doesn't mind I am re-posting these snippets, because as this blog is my journal and not just a link list, I had to capture as much as I could from this interview to look back on later. See the full interview here on DesignSponge. Off now to do my Alice's Tea Cup review and FoodieSpy roundup. Anyone ready to drool?

D*S: You’re running your snowcone business from a converted trailer- could you tell us a little bit about that and why you chose a trailer over a regular office?

LL: Initially, I wanted an Airstream, but after researching them, I found that the little ones (a Bambi is what I had my eye on) are pretty hard to come by, were a little out of my price range and are a few thousand pounds! So then I stumbled upon the ‘canned ham’ style trailer and fell in love with the Shasta. It was just so darn cute, compact, and affordable.

I think the admission of my love for food on wheels above explains why I chose the trailer over a regular office…it was a must! Not to mention, the trailer is extremely eye catching. You really can’t miss it when you drive down the street, especially with Snowie glowing in all his splendor on top!

D*S: So many of our readers dream of following their passion like you have- could you describe to them what was your “tipping point” that made you decide to follow this dream?

I had a taste test party at my house last summer and invited about 20-30 people over to test all the snow cone flavors. I made score cards for each flavor and asked my guests rank each flavor as well as provide tasting notes. It was such a fun night. The responses on the score cards still make me laugh to this day. Watching a large group of adults get so passionate about discussing the balance of blackberry and lavender was so fantastic. Everyone was responding exactly as I had hoped and that made me know that I wanted to follow through with this.

The real tipping point that lead to the trailer was probably when I received a phone call from the most wonderful banker you’ll ever meet. She said, “Hi Lindsay, this is Rita. Your boyfriend told me I should call you. He told us all about your snow cones. We’d really love to help you make this a reality. You should come in and talk to us.” So I did. I took out a small business loan in order to renovate the trailer and make it exactly what I wanted it to be. It certainly helps to have supportive people all around you.

D*S: Once you decided to start the business, what were the first few things you did to get started? Did you make a business plan and organize, or did you just dive in head first?

LL: Oh, shoot. Take a wild guess. I dove in head first….but in an organized way. ;)

D*S: Do you have any advice for women out there looking to follow their passion and start a new business?

LL: Just be very honest with yourself.

If you are creative, then BE CREATIVE. If you aren’t good at the business side of things, then find someone who is. I don’t think you need to be good at everything to be a successful business owner. I think you just need to be very good at FINDING the right people to help you.


  1. Those photos are sublime! Makes me want to go out and sample a dozen snowcones, even though it's about 40 degrees indoors and I'm sitting at my computer in a jacket and gloves. :-)


  2. ohh this is a lovely post! how awesome! they look sooo yummy.


  3. I've never had a snowcone!!! Those look so yummy!

  4. I love Fresher Than Fresh! The flavors are amazing, I can't pick a favorite....but I will keep trying. :)

  5. Wonderful interview! Just wanted to let you know I've added your blog to my blogroll on my homepage.

  6. awwww what a lovelly post! It looks yummy! I need to try a snowcone

  7. oh!! this is such an inspiring post!

  8. I can not get over how lovely and beautiful your blog is.I just found it today and I have spent several hours this evening going through it. Thank you for sharing such beautiful things!

  9. Is this Lola from Padme's Wardrobe? If so this is Ashley from Sons of the Force!! Either way, your blog is beautiful!!!


  10. Anonymous4:56 PM EST

    delicious blog! :)

  11. Lovely blog!!!Beautiful images!!!Please visit our blog

    xo Cybelle & Fabi

  12. *sighs* I wish her trailer would pass through my street. Even in this cold, I'm always up for a snowcone!

    Btw, I left a little something for you on my blog :D

  13. Nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award -

  14. Hi! I am new to your blog so I wanted to say hi! I love this post! snow cones! how cute! I am drooling! :)

  15. Beautiful! I want to try those. ;) I also like how you had snowflakes in the first picture.

  16. Anonymous3:08 PM EST

    I love this interview! It is the perfect way to learn moer about your blog. This is my first time visiting and love it!

    Angie@ Cocina Diary

  17. wow this looks so cute! i love really good snowcones. great blog!

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    beautiful blog!!

  19. Normally I don't follow Food Blogs because I always seem to be on a diet *le sigh and LOL* but I just have to make an exception here! Your photography is just so amazing and delightful that it makes me happy to behold it... a little bit hungry... but happy! *Smiles*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  20. Hi Lola! I've noticed you've been MIA for a while, I was just wondering where'd you went. We miss you! Hope everything's okay! xoxo

  21. Anonymous9:33 PM EDT

    You have an absolutely beautiful blog! I am just in love with all your pictures and everything!

    Have a wonderful day,

  22. I love the pastel colours very different to any snowcone I have ever seen. Yum!

  23. I love the pastel colours very different to any I have seen before..Yum :)


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