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Dec 5, 2010

Ahhh. A sigh. What a slumber I'll be falling into tonight mes amis. I've just returned home from L's where I spent the entire weekend. He really is something. My excitement about him must be palpable by now, so I imagine you can feel my giddiness radiating through your computer screen. But alas, this isn't a blog about gushy love! Its about food, Paris and a beautifully curated life. So with much anticipation, its time for some catching up this Sunday over tea and cookies. You ready? Let's dish!

Now I know 'twas I that said L and I would start our weekend with Mediterranean, and I got great tips of where to go and what to eat. That was so appreciated, as I have much to learn about anti-Western cuisine outside of France...hmmm...thinking on it now, I realize I actually don't know any cuisine other than American and French (perhaps Italian). Oh boy! Note to self- buy more books! But it turns out, we didn't have that at all. No falafels, and definitely no shwarma (though I promise to try it Rachel and Shelley!). Instead, we opted for Italian food the first night, Spanish food the second night, and lazy leftovers today. Seriously, if you have not had spinach ricotta agnolotti smothered in pesto sauce, you are missing out on heaven on Earth. Then again, many things I fall infatuated with are my heavens on Earth, but there is room in my heaven for pasta and buttery croissants, is that okay with you? Ugh, and the Spanish food. My word! Breaded chicken with queso and a white mushroom sauce with maduros on the side. My mouth is salivating at the memory. I can't tell if I miss the food or L more. Hmmm. He's a great kisser, so its a close call. Maybe I can get him to eat maduros before kissing me next time! See, I'm totally ready for this relationship. I already have compromising down pat right, right?

But enough about L and how well he's been feeding me, and more about how this relationship might really go somewhere. A classic post-war Manhattan apartment, that's where! Let's not forget I am still kitchenless....as I moved into this super cheap outer city abode to save money for my move to Georgia. And after long, long, agonizing consideration to what everyone commented on my last post, I think I will take your advice and wait it out. Thing is, if I wait and we do fall in love, he wants me to move in with him in a new apartment. One with an actual kitchen I can bake in again. Ahhh, the thought! So I've decided I'm going to stay and see where this takes me. So far it feels like we were together in another life, so I'm feeling less worried now and more of just pure excitement. It also has dawned on me to stop fretting over the Georgia tea party plans and just live. Its a chance to start anew with different plans, a clean slate for a new year. I admit, Georgia was the perfect place to tame my fear of entering an industry that is overwhelmingly competitive here in NYC. Throwing a tea party here would be like trying to sell fresh baguettes in Paris without competitors near by. But if I lived my life in fear, I'd never get to where I am now. So no reason to start the phobias today. I'll likely feel sad about leaving my mother and Granny high and dry like this, but they are urging me to follow my heart, so with their blessing, I'm considering a few new tweaked options and I need your help on.

A tea party business by myself would be a nightmare. Well, I presume. I am a lofty dreamer and overly ambitious, so at least I think it would be a nightmare...self induced of course. If I can find a way to make a one-woman show catering business sound ideal, then that would be my dream! But, flipping through my dream journal relit the fire for my dreams of just selling cupcakes, or launching an online bakery and home decor shop, and my Etsy shop with Mandy. A simple sewing machine purchase and classes at the legendary NYC culinary institute would quickly get the balls rolling on those. But my appetite is already wet for event planning, and fusing baking with parties is too good to pass up, no matter the saturation of competition. So I've rallied together a few inspiring competitors over the last few weeks. I have more to share from Sunday Suppers (preview here). For now, let's ogle over these splendid little vignettes from events catered by Sugar Coated. A girl can dream...

xoxoall images via SugarCoated


  1. It always puts me in awe of how phenomenal a writer you are. I mean I know this is your blog, but you truly pull people in and once I start riding I can't stop. I want to know more more MORE! :DD (Specially about this L you speak of, oh la la). IF you don't open your own shop one day I can for sure spot you traveling the world as a bakery critique or something of that sort haha.

  2. @Chelsea, omg that means so much to me actually. You are really sweet! I try to make sure I actually acknowledge I'm a writer while blogging, but sometimes I get lazy and just type the way I speak hehe. glad you like it. I have a surprise later this week you will like then. And holy smokes, a bakery review critic is exactly what I am posting about tuesday!! mind reader you ;)

  3. YAY! I'm am so excited about your new love adventure! I can't wait to hear more. I am gathering lots of ideas for post christmas etsy things! We are going to do this!!! I'm also saving up for a trip hopefully next year. I want to come see you!!!!

  4. Thanks for the sweet shout out! I promise you'll love shwarma... And as long as you're happy you'll be successful, no matter where you are.

    Ps I think you'll appreciate the presence of the eiffel tower in my most recent post, ha!

  5. Sounds like a perfect trip :)

    Soo happy for you!

    <3 SUMMER


    and PS: I can feel the love radiating out of my screen lol

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  7. L sounds perfect. Can't wait to hear more of your adventures together!


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