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living a minimalist life is heaven on main street

heaven on main street bakery
*After receiving a wonderfully surprising comment from Taylor herself, I had to reintroduce this post and hope that inspires some of you just in time for the weekend. If you're like me, you'll get a journal and sketchbook handy, grab some hot cocoa and s'mores, and whip those dreams into something rivaling reality. Until then...*

Its frigid here in New York. The last of the autumn leaves have fallen. December is not being timid in greeting us with its blistering night winds. I'm eternally longing for hot cocoa every time I step out of the house. My long daily commutes leave me with only my harvesting thoughts to keep me warm. I catch myself daydreaming constantly lately, and its as if these consuming thoughts of mine make the cold in my blood fall away sheepishly just like the dying leaves. You won't be surprised by my latest fantasy of course, as you know me all too well now. Last night you can see me fumbling around with the idea of bringing back Bed & Breakfast Queen to the blog, simply because I never want to lose sight of where I want to end up. And that will always be somewhere far away from here, perched atop a luscious rolling hill in San Fran or the South of France, in a magical Victorian cottage old enough to tell a thousand stories through its walls. And each morning I'll wake up, happier than the day that preceded it, as giddy as a kid on Christmas to prepare warm buttery croissants and cafe au lait for the guests of my B&B. Perhaps they'll invite friends along for the afternoon high tea buffet I'll make sure is always brimming to the vintage silver rim. But alas its just a dream for now. Or not. Something came along this week that had visited me once before in the form of a magazine article...way before this time of my indulgent nature and infatuation with food. It was a simple article about a simple girl who long had a dream about opening a bakery. Fast forward a couple years and I stumbled across her website, only to find she closed up shop. I sighed with devastation. I'll never get to visit this place. This place to heaven on Earth.

minimalist baker taylor of heaven on main street

Heaven on Main is the story of me. Well okay no, granted, its the story of gorgeous model turned pastry chef Taylor, and her handsomely savvy husband cum business partner Josh, but still, just go with me on this one. The article I had read only half consciously those years ago was all for show. It rang on about the organic this and healthy options that, never really capturing the essence of what I imagine Heaven on Main was. The moment I saw the old Victorian mansion staring back at me from the website, its the moment I knew my own dream was feasible and not just fleeting. Even though Taylor only wanted a bakery to call her own, she was pleasantly surprised to find the mansion came with two apartments on the top floor, which she rented all the while to make extra income. Wouldn't it be splendid if I could one day find something similar...a house grand enough to house my pastries and tea at the bottom, and decadent B&B palace at the top? "Rather than being a traditional rural retreat, Heaven has essentially become the town’s living room," is how this NY Times article introduced me to Taylor's humbly sweet business venture. Taylor went to CIA, the creme de la creme of all culinary schools (right here in NY of course) which I mentioned before I longed to attend, but at sixty grand a year, that will never happen. After graduating she modeled in Europe, which with that face, is no surprise. While in Paris modeling, she did research, keeping a journal...of cookies eaten at Ladurée and pudding-thick African hot chocolate sipped at Angelina. She literally ate at every great bakery in Paris, something I just just mentioned in a previous post. Small world. One day while standing in a couture gown, she called up a real estate broker and requested to see a few spots in the deep suburban areas of upstate New York. No sooner did she hint at launching her own dream did she find this mansion which swept her off her feet. The rest is history. I only wish I had a chance to visit and be embraced with the wafting fragrances of fresh from-the-oven brownies or the lingering hints of gingerbread cookies and blueberry pie. For now I'll just have to admire Taylor from afar, but always secretly thank her for showing me a dream is only a dream if you keep it that way.
all images courtesy Heaven on Main


  1. Love the story and the display. Beautiful cookies!

  2. What a sweet looking little bakery. But a model and a pastry chef? Seems like a contradiction in terms!

  3. this is so nice! and now i'm wanting pastries.... love your blog :)

  4. What a story. This woman is living out my dream! I've my eyes on an old colonial house to turn into a café/workshop one day. You've a sweet blog.

  5. @Shelley, hahaha was that sarcasm? I vaguley remember feeling that way when I read the mag article couple years ago about her. Guess thats why I never really paid attention to the story until now...

    @DragonFruit, oh you're so kind for visiting and commenting. Thanks! Please come again soon :)

    @Diva, holy goodness really!? Which house? Where do you live? Go for it! I want to know your story. Email me if you like! xx

  6. You have a wonderful dream & I am glad for you that it's becoming more and more real and that you can see it becoming a reality in your future. I think the moment we begin to realise that our dreams are actually achievable magic starts to happen, if you plan your way there carefully you'll get there. xx

  7. so sweet! i just googled my bakery name as i'm making changes to my website and came across your post! thanks for the beautiful writing on my place. i'm gearing up to re-introduce some online sales of treats and i've been doing some special events at the shop! so if you're ever in the area - drop me a line! xx

  8. Lovely post! Your dream is wonderful,keep it in your mind because someday it will be true! My dream was to live in France,dince I was little kid.My dream did came true when I met my french guy and I gave a shot for living in southern France :) It was hard decision to leave my home country but I'm living my dream. Have a nice week :)

  9. This is just a quick comment on this post (I will come back to it later!) but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday!

    I hope you're having a wonderful day, darling! :)

  10. @Holly, omg how on Earth did you remember my birthday! So sweet, thanks so much!! :)

  11. @Taylor, oh my what an honor to have you post on this here humble blog! Glad you liked the write-up. I actually will be in the area in 3 weeks to visit my mother! Will you still be doing events then? Cant wait for the online goodies, will definitely share it on my blog :)

  12. Anonymous11:43 PM EDT

    Love this story and your prose. Thanks for sharing this and your beautiful website. : )


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