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Dec 22, 2010

one lovely blog award for becoming minimalist lola

AJ of AJ's Cooking Secrets who goes way back with me, to the wee early days of the infamous WHIPPED Challenges really made my day last week when he told me I got One Lovely Blog Award on behalf of his good graces. I used to dream of getting blog awards years ago when blogging was still in its infancy stages, and it seemed like such an elitist trophy that would never make it onto my mantle. And how funny is it, that now when I've totally given up on being recognized for working so hard on this here little blog, that one of the most down to Earth bloggers I know sends one my way. So thanks AJ, you are really too sweet! I guess as tradition has it, I am to share some of my absolute fave foodie blogs eh? Let's see...I try to swindle my way out of favoritism, but if you really want to get to the essence of my weekly inspiration, do check out these five blogs. They deserve every award out there. Congrats bloggie friends!

Dani of Paris Pastry is the most dedicated hobby baker I know and probably is the first food blog I remember discovering and following daily. She makes no excuses for being a passionate amateur, but her utter moxie is palpable and makes everyone believe they can give macarons a go, or have perfectly buttery, flaky, French croissants arise from the oven every morning. I love her.

Nicola of Concrete & Honey is the sweetest, most artistic blogger I can think of. Honestly, her eye for color, craft, food and florals makes me swoon. She loves Paris like me. She takes pictures that makes you dream. She has a big heart and invites everyone in via her blog, so visit

Steph from Raspberri Cupcakes calls herself a silly, short, ABC Malaysian Sydney food blogger, but I just call her a baking genius. I drool on cue when visiting her blog. Every single cute cream puff, beautifully styled photo, or lavender scented recipe I come across leads me back to her. If I had a food Oscar instead, you bet she'd get it.
Lisa of Spicy Ice Cream who I don't expect to care for such a humble award because she's like on another level (and well, I used to comment all the time and never got her to respond, sigh) is still my absolute go-to girl for insanely creative dishes and gorgeous drool-inducing photos. She's the kind of gal you wish would quit the graphic design and open a cafe already!

Jessica, a new fave and hopefully future friend, runs Lua Los Angeles which I adore for its simplicity in enticing you to literally just pack everything tonight and move to Cali tomorrow morning. To be honest, I hate taking a peek at her blog most times, as it makes me covet the lifestyle she so effortless curates. The gorgeous kitchens, the masterful apple pie lattice crust, the cinematic skylines. Ahhh. Bliss.
Jeska from the beloved Lobster and Swan should be on everyone's list. I don't have to tell you about her, you already know. She is it. Whatever it is, she is it. She is luminously talented at everything from turning butter into cakes worthy of newsstand covers, and paper into collages or brooches I want to buy in bulk. Inspiration starts and ends with her.

Dec 17, 2010

SPOTTED new mag where women cook...

There is a new magazine in town, and by the looks of it and the whispers on the street, shes not playing around. Her name is Where Women Cook and I found her thanks to Allison of Dolce Confections, who, (if you follow me on Twitter you know) I met up with yesterday afternoon for high tea and scones at Alice's Tea Cup here in Manhattan. Don't get all huffy, a full bakery review and story about our lovely afternoon coming Monday. In the meantime, you can still get to know Allison on your own. She's long had a home on my sidebar. Ever since discovering her blog around the time I first launched mine, I knew she was a girl after my own food loving heart. She had a passion, went for it, and never looked back. Luckily, this means she keeps an ear out for fabulous foodie events, and when Where Women Cook announced they were throwing a magazine launch party at my favorite spot ever (Chelsea Market people!) she was there like white on rice. I prefer butter on rice, but you get the picture. Allison attended the little shin dig, and as she told me the enviable account, I did very well masking my jealousy. I mean she got to meet The Pioneer Woman for goodness sakes. Anddd have a picture taken with her! Ugh, kill me now. Death by chocolate, oh yes! But I digress. Go see her lovely post about the event here. The two images above are courtesy of her blog, and the funniest part...well, Amy of Amy's Bread is my former boss. Yup, I'm a bonafide bakery worker alum. Those days were filled to the brim with free daily baguettes, pink frosted cupcake lunches, and southern biscuits with jam if I got to work early. Ah, I'm hungry now. Okay off to go spy on some food, but do yourself a favor will ya. Check out WWC and get yourself a copy. Its only fifteen bucks for a quarterly. I've already added it to my wish list! What are your fave foodie mags by the way? In case I do get the twenty Barnes and Noble gift cards I specifically threatened my family to send me for Xmas, I'll need to know what to buy. Hehe.

images of Where Women Cook premiere issue
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