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Oct 22, 2010

a gift of pretty for me

Well, there was no outdoor picnic or quaint surprise party dinner with a huge pink cake. There wasn't even some sugar cookies all wrapped up in pink bows waiting on my front porch. Or balloons or candles or boys with kisses. But you know what? There was Mandy who dedicated blog space to me the way a hubby would dedicate a sweet song, and Cate, and Chelsea, and AJ who is busy being a food prodigy but took time to drop me wishes, and Danielle who is the sweetest girl in all of Europe that I plan to sweep away to Paris, and Jen who loves macarons as much as I do, and Sian who would have sent me her homemade cupcakes if she could, and Debbie who will join forces with me in any baking challenge, and Holly, and Gabrielle who adores pink more than me (is it possible!?), and Sarah, and Chelsea, and Renée,and Ardna who had a birthday too, and Pink Lady whose blog is supremely more beautiful than mine...I had all of them, wishing me a happy birthday filled with sparkles and dreams and a future of bliss. So really, in the scheme of things, all the boys and gifts and candles and cake is not so important. I would trade all of that every single year for just one moment to have friends like you guys. So really, merci beaucoup...gracias...vielen dank!!

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