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become minimalist once and for all, maybe as a baker?

It's that time again darlings. You know, the time where I start with "let's get personal....personal!" becoming minimalist dreams theme song and you're expected to know which song tune it matches. By now, if you don't know that its Let's Get Physical, then really, there is just no hope for us as friends. If you did catch on, bravo! You continued unconditional friendship. Yay for you! I don't have a lifetime supply of Laduree macarons, sorry. Or a free car. I'm not Oprah after all.

Well anyway, you might have noticed my little blog face lift this week. Do you like!? Nothing major or fancy (albeit a tad country a la the new linen background, hopefully French country at that), just a reflection of the direction I am heading. Towards where, whom, or what? Now that is the million dollar question. You see dearies, I am having midlife crisis number 121. Anyone care to join me? Don't worry, it won't be like that time we tried to start Bakeaholics Anonymous, or even that time when we admitted to each other the cringe-worthy amount of reality tv we watch (and when I say we I ofcorse mean me, as I talk to myself here on this blog; pretty sure the comments I read are imaginary friends I only wish to have)...this is pure personal life down syndrome time. Is your husband driving you crazy? Are your kids growing up too fast and you feel too girly all by yourself? Perhaps longing to break free of your small town for a visit to the French countryside? I hear ya, trust me, I do. I can't pinpoint exactly what my diagnosis is, but its definitely driving me up the wall. I'm young and ambitious, yet nothing seems to be enough these days. I'm insanely insatiable...with an appetite for life bigger than the bites I can chew off. And everything just seems like an intangible yet clearly coursed drifting fog infront of me. Make sense? Ah, alas it never does. But one thing is for sure, GOD or whoever sent me here (here being Georgia) for a reason, and its becoming apparent now. It seems my dear Granny is just as lost as me, and it breaks my heart....and that is an understatement.

I can't even begin to explain the horrid behavior that goes on in this here mansion. My grandmother birthed five children, all of whom (shamefully, my mother somewhat included) are the most selfish and careless, most inconsiderate grown ups I have ever seen. I remember longing for the embrace of my aunts and uncles when I was small, now haven grown up to be people I don't even recognize. They badger Granny daily about her love of gardening, hoarding (remember earlier kitchen appliance overload that left me squealing with glee?) and overall passion of hobbying, then for good measure they live rent free without so much as an offer of help on bills, dishing an overgenerous share of home cooked dinner she slaves over straight after coming home from work without so much as a thank you, or walking in and going straight to their rooms. I mean for god sakes, she is over half a century old, does that not qualify her to live her life the way she wants! She traveled two countries to get here decades ago, worked her tush off, bought her dream house, and now everyone tries to knock her down and make her feel small as if she should live like some peasant saving bread crumbs. I just will not have it! I am so glad I came. Each and everyday she has thanked me for coming and inspiring her to do what she always loved- sewing, designing and gardening. I feel awful for not visiting in the last 6 years, but I am here now, and I have a purpose. I cleared her garage, fixed up her sewing suite in the basement, bought her a website domain, and now....if its the last thing I do...I will make sure my Granny has her own business like she always wanted. Being a nurse is great, but I know she aims for more, and I will help her get it. I know I have school, work and my blog, but I have to do one else will. I want her to have her own little website and maybe even an Etsy shop where she can sell her fabulous home decor (and its is FABULOUS work she does) and even do custom services. I was thinking even a time capsule collection designed by the both of us (well mostly me, I micro manage too much haha). But it would be a treat for the eyes I promise! We already went fabric shopping and I sketched out roughly a Marie Antoinette inspired collection. What do you guys think?Anyway, sorry for the rant. I just feel, well, its my blog, and if for nothing else I do want this to me a documentation of my life (and as expected I stopped writing in my cupcake journal, ughh). I may watch allot of reality tv, but I don't have my own show. There are no cameras following me around. So I want to remember all these tiny moments and crossroads, because sometimes at night when you lie in the dark and think about your life, you feel sad when you can't remember it all...all the happiness.
And then there is my life without the intertwined circumstances of anyone else. Just me and my needs, goals and dreams. I am so nervous about starting my courses and planning for graduate school, letting the fear of wasted money get in the way. Beautiful Shelley has inspired me again to seek placement at Le Cordon Blue in Paris and CIA in California. Ah, to live in a Victorian palace in San Francisco. What a life....

What are you guys currently dreaming about? Any goals on the horizon? I am tickled pink that Mandy is planning a cupcake shop with her mom. How lovely!


  1. I would love to go to a bakery school somewhere like Paris or New York! Wow gingerbread waffles - sound lush! I just got a waffle machine for my birthday!

  2. Awh that's so sweet of you to help your granny so much :) I bet she's going to love her website and put it to great use. I'm excited to see the etsy myself as well <3

  3. Your granny sounds like a lovely person.

  4. Your Granny sounds like quite a lady! I'm sure with you two on it, whatever you create will be magic. Looking forward to seeing the results!

  5. I would love to open my own concept of tea shop but i'm pretty sur that is not a dream but my future life :D

    Like i said before Lola, if u want some advice on the french culinary school I can help u because I don't know how is Le cordon bleu in USA, but the school in France is really horrible with bad reputation!!!


  6. le cordon bleu or cia would be amazing! i say go for it girl!! i know you could do it! your pastries and baked goods are absolutely amazing! and your granny sounds amazing too! i wish i could meet you both!

  7. I can relate to your having many dreams and feeling they are somewhat out of reach. What helps me is to choose the most important dream, make a plan and then focus each day on working toward that goal. Don't think too far ahead into the future or you'll be derailed. Celebrate the small victories and eventually you'll realize your dreams.

    Good luck with your school applications. It all sounds wonderful.

  8. I have been really enjoying reading your blog lately and I think that it is wonderful what you are doing for your grandmother! I am sure that it means so much for you to spend the time with her and share an interest in her passions and interests! Good luck trying to figure out your next step...i don't know what mine will be either!

  9. You are the sweetest granddaughter! She is so lucky to have you.

    Right there with ya on the feeling lost and having huge dreams. Trying to find my way as well right now. Life is to short to let it slip away and I get so fearful that I'm wasting time not sprinting after my aspirations. o life.


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