something's brewing in lolaland....

Aug 10, 2010

..can anyone guess what?

photos here


  1. Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog, I am so glad you enjoyed the Sauternes post and will be visiting again. You are most welcome.

    Like your pic of the lilac flowers... and is that a lipstick kiss on the table? :)

  2. @Kavey, oh you are so welcome! And what do you know, we are both libras! So maybe I was magnetically drawn and destined upon your lovely blog somehow. Please visit mine again soon. And yes, lots of lipstick kisses here on Lola :)

  3. Lavender cupcakes from Nigella?

  4. lavender or lilacs shortbread :)

  5. Lila's marmelade!!!
    Lila's sirup? Lila's "granitée"?
    Lila's muffin?
    I don't know but I know that the stuff that u will cook, can be good with lavender too!

  6. so so pretty. love a little lilac


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