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minimalist living guide: tiffany blue decor

robin eggs blue decorIts funny how I can be so obsessed with things, and not even know the history behind it. I need to go back to my New Year's resolutions and add become more educated to the list...really. I find it rewarding and quite adventurous to learn as much as possible about the things taken for granted, things as simple as a color. And that's exactly what I did for this week's minimalist living guide.

Blue. Ugh, never been a fan. The only time you will catch me even uttering the word blue is quickly followed after the question, "what separates boys from girls?". That's it. And green. Shoot me now why don't you. Seriously, if you know any of my friends just ask them. I HATE green with a passion. Don't wear, don't buy it, and definitely will never ever paint with it. But what is it about the harmony of those two colors that have me over the moon!? I mean, if there was a smoothie in a blueish green shade, I would drink it everyday for breakfast just to wake up to its soothing comfort. Which is why I find it mind boggling (re: embarrassing) that I never even acknowledged there really is a bird called Robin, and their eggs are Tiffany Blue. Ha! I know what you're thinking. Which came first, chicken or the egg. But really, Tiffany's actually copyrighted the color Robin's egg blue (don't ask) so in this situation, its quite tricky what came first in my opinion, as I am a die hard Tiffany's girl. No, no, like really. I even ordered an engagement catalogue from them to mail to my ex-boyfriend with a note that said, "this is what I want, don't screw it up!". Well, he is my ex so I guess you can see what happened there.

Enough about my lofty dreams! This hue, color, shade..whatever it is..its amazing! I once found an image in Domino (of Mary McDonald's home office, you know the one) in Tiffany Blue and went crazy. That was the first time I ever got the decorating bug, and it hasn't stopped since. I bought the paint, the furniture, everything you can imagine to recreate it...didn't come close. If only I were Kelly Wearstler, the goddess of modern who can do no wrong with all shades blue (and yellow actually!). Hmmph. But that won't stop my unrequited love for T blue. I'll still be collecting inspiration on what to do with this magical color for years to come...

...don't even ask me how they pull off this gorgeous antiqued wood washing in blue (me=jealous)

...when it comes to b&w stripes, I started the fan club; so to see it works so well with T blue, absolute dream!

...nothing, and I mean nothing, beats the dizzying happiness you experience when potting luminous flowers in a T blue pot. The light pink petals, the earthy brown soil...heaven!

P.S.- Overstock used to carry this beautiful Adirondack chair, but its been sold out. Tear. Anyone know of something similar!?

P.S.S.- A hidden gem for those with my same obsession. The blog House of Turquoise is sure to turn you if you aren't a fan already.

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  1. Just discovered your blog; SO LOVELY!

  2. Thanks Plinth!! So sweet of you. Please come back again soon! xx

  3. i am lucky to be named after a bird that lays eggs with such a beautiful hue! ;)

    i'm not sure if you know of this nail polish, but check out Essie's mint candy apple shade, it's the perfect tiffany/robin's egg blue. i've been wearing it non-stop!

    love your posts. <3

  4. @Robin OH-MY-GOSHHH!!! You are amazing. How could I not know about that! Seriously living under a rock sometimes. Thanks so much, updating my post now :)


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