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milk the cream, gold flour, and sugar sweet sunshine

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Did you ever think so much could happen to rock your world in a ten minute walk home? Neither did I, until just now. Literally after stepping out of Whole Foods on my way home, with cake flour in tow (for take 3 on red velvet cupcakes of course) I realized how precious my cake flour purchase was. For some reason it just hit me, and I began channeling Carrie Bradshaw from that episode in SATC where she was getting mugged and she was pretty much okay with the entire robbery until he went for the Manolo Blahniks. I mean seriously, what kind of soulless person would steal a girl's strappy sandals..that she got on sale no less! Well yes, a robber, that's who. But that's how I instantly felt about my King Arthur all natural unbleached cake flour (brand new product by the way) whilst strolling home. At that very moment, if someone so much as breathed on me wrong, or their body language ever so slightly suggested they would mug me, I was ready to give up my Blackberry, designer headband and even my new pre-loaded Chase card...just don't touch my new gourmet flour, got it! Seriously, a woman's minimalist baking pantry items are no joke. When I am craving a fresh batch of cupcakes, I almost feel I love baking more than shopping I know, I know.

But anyway, this is hardly a story compared to what happened next. I'm crossing the street, approaching a gentleman with all the tick boxes worthy of staring (tall, dark and handsome) who was well groomed and looked a little Ivy League-ish in a crisp button down. He was walking with a girl who I presume is the lucky better half, and I as I approach them I hear him ask her, "but what comes first, cream or milk?". Seriously!!!?? Seriously!? Now, don't get me wrong, we will never really know about the infamous chicken or the egg debate. For heaven's sake, religion gets involved with that one. But cream before milk? That's like asking if chocolate milk comes from chocolate cows. What did the poor lad think...that cows just graze and piss out cream somewhere? Goodness me...I almost got hit by a Vespa from pure frozen shock in the middle of the intersection.

At least all ended well. I still had my trusty flour in hand (drum roll please, ANDDD the store had cotton candy finally, so cotton candy cupcakes are up next!) and I decided to stop by Sugar Sweet Sunshine for some taste testing before baking. I hadn't been there for months, but here are three reasons you need to go if you're in town or plan to come to NYC. Firstly, they are freakin $1.50! Seriously. No joke. I don't know if they didn't get the recession memo, but somehow they are surviving on selling the cheapest in-store regular sized cupcakes known to man. Second, the vanilla cupcakes are pretty much the best I have tasted in NY thus far. The buttercream is so sweet my cavity nearly popped out of my mouth and slapped me in the face, but other than that, its deelish. And lastly, they have a cupcake with girly in the name and it comes in pink and Tiffany Blue. Nuff said.


  1. OMG!! I'm seriously loving your blog!! I love this post. So funny once again! The cupcakes look great!! Super colorful!! :)

  2. haha, thanks so much! xx

  3. This is my new favorite blog for so so many reasons...

    following you!

  4. Thanks for your visit my dear :)
    Glad you enjoy it

    When are you planing on mooving to Paris ?
    Im sure you will like it !!!


    Coline ♡


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