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live a minimalist life with peonies

simple floral arrangements
Please, please help me. I beg of you. Therapy in NYC is more expensive than ivy league tuition. So if you could help me through this, it would keep me from going in debt. I'm trying devotedly to become a minimalist and entertain certain rituals such as tea ceremonies for one at breakfast time, thoroughly washing my face with homemade goodness, and bringing home only the most necessary or beloved of items I see around town. But there is just one problem I'm facing on this journey to becoming a minimalist at home. Why oh why can't I buy my favorite flower?! I actually don't even know, or remember the very moment when I realized peonies were my favorite. For as long as I can remember, being a Florida girl, the sunflower was the apple of my eye. When I got older, my boyfriend learned of my little love affair and would bring me a fresh dozen of sunflowers every week from the Sunday market, which I heard from his coworkers took allot of smooth talking on his part, as he always got them for free (thank goodness the flower girl was lesbian, smooth talking leads to a love child in some cases). You couldn't break me away from sunflowers. It would be like trying to take the chocolate color from my skin.

floral ritual

minimalist peonies at home

But one day, shortly after moving back to New York, where everything is bigger and the cars are shinier, I noticed all the absurdly expensive floral arrangements popping up at events here and shops there. This is the city of indulgence, but jeez, I couldn't afford not even a daisy or tulip..and there they were, sprouting from the ground in front of a bank or corner store thanks to the Mayor and his "green thumb" (don't get me wrong, it is quite a pick-me-up to see the world's most expensive flower while grabbing a bagel in the morning). Instead of plucking one and running back home, afraid the NYPD themselves would catch me for such a hideous crime, I just quietly admired all the gorgeous colors and textures from afar, promising myself one day I would buy a beautiful dozen for myself each week and live happily ever after.

Pssshttt. Two years later and I still haven't bought myself one bouquet. So much for trying to live a minimalist life! I can't even do one basic minimal thing. I love orchids, but they require patience and attention, of which I have none. I love daisies, but I'm not that girly. But peonies? Oh peonies! So elegant, so graceful, so feminine, so powerful, so full of spirit. Sometimes I wonder what they would say if plants could talk (I did say I needed therapy in the beginning..don't judge). And the fact that peonies are the one real flower that come in all shades of pink...oh had me at bloom! Forget food coloring carnations, I want peonies till I die! But I never know what to do when I see them. They intimidate me. They frustrate me. Is it really just me who gets overwhelmed by minimalist floral decor? Would I pot them in a beautiful aluminium bucket..the harmony of silver, earthy brown and pinks dancing in the sunlight? Or would I put them on my desk for daily inspiration? Ughh, so many options! So please help me.

What do you do with your favorite flower? day Ill have the courage to just stop and pick up a dozen, or just one for mini bliss
...rose petal baths are so overrated anyway right?

...on my dream desk, white with a Lucite ghost chair and silk curtains blowing in the summer breeze beautiful fabric brooches via ilovemuffins
...and if I'm lucky to make it there, maybe some day as place settings at my wedding. that's how Martha would want it!

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  1. oh my goodness. i absolutely adore your blog. holy moly! so freaking fantastic. <3

  2. Wow Hayley, that's so sweet! Thanks so much for visiting. Come back again soon xx

  3. so so much pretty on your blog ... i just discovered you on Paper N Stitch ... i think it may be love! Have a wonderful fabulous monday!

  4. Anonymous5:21 PM EDT

    Beautiful blog La Lola!
    Kisses from Craotia.
    Zondra Art

  5. Anonymous8:38 PM EDT

    this post is insanely beautiful. I may need to spend the rest of the night looking at ugly dolls to balance the beauty out.

  6. Good morning Lola!! I'm a french parisian girl (but for the moment a london girl) and I just would like to say to you that I really like ur blog, and all the different bakery, I'm also a bakery addict and I made cook school to be better. I like the color, the ambianc, in fact I love all your blog!! I would love to open my own tea shop/room in France and you inspire me and you give me a lot of idea!!Thanks!!!

    ps: thanks for the lisa mitchell song I love it!

    psbis: sorry I think I send you an email too!

  7. @Zondra, wow how amazing to have a reader from so far! Come again. xx

    @Lavie hahahaha, I had to pick myself off the floor after reading your comment. Ugly dolls? hehe, you are too kind. So ecstatic someone is enjoying my blog besides just me! xx

  8. @GrandeMarine, OMG what a super super lovely and flattering comment! I am thrilled you found me. We have so much in common!! I did look for an email, but didnt see one. Where did you send to? Hugs and kisses and hope you comment again very soon :)

  9. Peonies are also my favorite flower so I can definitely relate. However, the prose in your writing is splendid. What a darling read!


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