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easy elegance minimalist decoratinglove, love doing a little shelf to display an art collection in a sweet and casual way

So as you've learned (voluntarily or not) I am quite intimidated by florals. No not spring's latest dresses, actual flowers. Decorating with flowers scare me, but now a new problem has hit me. Actual decorating in general intimidates me as well. Why? Well, we haven't reached that far in my therapy sessions, but from what I can tell, its because I am a perfectionist whose been jaded by the lavish homes of Elle Decor and Metropolitan Home, and feel in order to have the room of my dreams, I must have everything ready to be laid out in one swift swoop (oh and never give birth or buy a dog, since plastic couch covers are so last season). So yes, decorating scares me. But why!? Life isn't a freakin Elle Decor one really lives like that. Those rooms are rich people who have access to the world's top interior designers. So no more I say. Back to normality. I think I will find a way to decorate that fits my anal personality. Decor 101 should be all about collecting. Slowly collect things you love. Trust me. It all hit me as I was reading yet another great minimalist lifestyle book called Easy Elegance by who other than Atlanta Bartlett. I turned a page and there was a gorgeous (re: opulent) French inspired living room with a plush white rug. I have been obsessed with plush rugs since I was 17 with my very first apartment and the budget of a student where I discovered Urban Outfitters stocked quite beautiful wool rugs. So it dawned on me: just slowly build your decor piece by piece. Duh! Why didn't I think of this before. So no more dreaming of a winning lottery ticket, bank loan, or bank robbery to afford my decor makeovers. I'll pick up a lace cushion here, vintage Louis chair there, and one day, before you know it, I'll be ready to put the puzzle pieces together.

How do you go about your decorating? All at once or slow and steady? I personally hate adding such beautiful things to a barely moved in room. The joy of breaking open that storage closet full of collected goodies is like Xmas in July!


  1. i LOVE that first picture.

    I am trying to build up my apartment as well. I understand your frustrations because I see so many gorgeous home furnishings that I just can't afford! I set little goals for myself and then move on to the next thing. Currently, I'm looking for a nice rug and nice fabric so I can sew up a pretty slipcover!

  2. ohhh, tell me about it! i guess we should just focus on sewing projects and make our own home wears! :0

  3. Anonymous1:25 PM EDT

    I think like you and I feel the same! There are so many beautiful things! It´s exasperating, as much ypu look for, more and more things you find! Hahaha Because of that I try to make recycling! You can see my blog, but is in spanish...I´m happy to find your blog! I follow you on twitter! (Sorry for my englishXD)


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