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Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. You can call me Lola. And I am a bonafide city girl. New York City to be exact. Living here is an inspiration in itself, so this blog is long overdue. I have tons of ideas constatly swirling in my head, begging to come out. I hope you enjoy joining me on my journey. What exactly is the journey you ask? Well, I LOVE to live a minimalist life and the idea of becoming a minimalist but for now like many other young city girls I am obsessed with consumerism in the form of fashion, home decor, writing, publishing, decorative arts, travel, cooking, food (i put this because I enjoy making and eatingggg). My dream is to one day be a Martha Stewart prodigy haha. But baby steps. Everyone has to start somewhere. I am currenty starting on the first step of the ladder by forging on as an English major with a minor in theater arts. My overly ambitious nature also led me to finally chase after my undying passion for design, and so I will be participating in the only home decor products degree program in the world! Right here in NYC of course. Once I have my degrees in hand (I want my Masters soon too, but not sure what's left to get haha) I am sure I will be ready to take on the world! But in the meantime, stop back here at my lovely humble blog to share all the wonderful inspirations, designs, recipes, ideas, people and places that I will for sure be dishing out every long as my little fingers can keep up that is!


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